Movies by and with Manuel Kniepe

Beijing ShiDu 北京十渡

feat. Moby - Almost Home

A short travel video (and unofficial music video for a nice song by Moby) about the ShiDu Nature Park close to Beijing in China.

Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro in DLOG and cut/graded with Adobe Premiere Pro.



An original short-movie tragedy about fallacy and truth.


Coffee Fairday

Documentary of the Coffee Fairday in Cologne with some on-location feature interviews during the event.

Commissioned for FAIRTRADE  Germany e.V.


Great Wall of China

A short video, which was meant to be more than just travel vlog content, shot with an airborne (and handheld) drone as well as a DSLR during my visit at the famous Great Wall of China.

Fun fact: All sounds and sound effects were added later in post-production, since the real scenes weren't that scenic.


Measure Pleasure

The video »Measure Pleasure« is the practical outcome of the Interaction Design class lead by Susanna Hertrich at Chiba U, Japan.

The task was to come up with new ways of interaction between humans and machines regarding a possible real world problem respectively a possible real world application.


Featured in TV

During my life in Hong Kong I had the pleasure to work with a local TV travel show and the honor to be featured as their photographer for one of their episodes.

In this short clip you can see my performance. Acting to the limit, heh?