A Japanese Aroma Design Project

The kaori-Project (“kaori”, 香り= jap. “scent”) was an international Product Design project led by the famous designer Toru Ito. The task was to create a product related to scents.

I created »anemoi« a scent diffusor that can be controlled with your smartphone, your tablet or personal computer. The name derives from the greek mythology as it was the naming for the gods of the winds and their personifications. At the same time the whole name »anemoi« could be written and spelled in native Japanese as あねもい – I regarded this as quite important to target the the Japanese market.

Scientifically it is possible to mix a great variety of different scents with only a few basic scents. As a result the device can be filled up with 10 different aroma oil capsules, which are mixed to create various specific scents, based on the settings of the user. Once the capsules are consumed they can be replaced individually. The durable material and function of the capsules allows them to be reused as well. The owner brings the empty capsules to designated places, where he can get a refund per capsule or a discount on new capsules purchases. This sets up a whole recycling service around the product, which makes it more convenient and ecological to use.

The material and shape for the diffusor box itself is very neutral and unobtrusive, since I want it to blend in. The functioning parts are contained within the device and the capsules, as well as the battery and the other electronics are hidden underneath a clean and simple shaped case, which is de-attachable in order to reach the capsules and the battery. Additionally you can exchange the case with another colored case or one of a different material – you don’t have to buy a new device if the color or material doesn’t suit its surrounding any longer. This is both ecologically beneficial as well as user friendly. The diffusor box can be placed on a flat surface or attached on a wall.

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