Chiba Souvenir Design

Creating Omiyage for the Country of the rising Sun

About the Project
The task of this intercultural project was to create and pitch a souvenir brand for the Japanese prefecture of Chiba. Chiba itself had no noticable souvenir identity at that point which should be installed with a new united brand. The creation of some package prototypes was part of the task as well.

Target Group
My assumed target group issupposed to be foreign customers, who want to bring souvenirs for their friends at home as well as Japanese customers which would buy souvenirs from various Japanese prefectures. Gifts are a very important part of Japanese culture and therefore the product must be of high quality and an over-average price. (The donee is as worthy as the gift).

Research and Brand Creation


Symbol Mark
The symbol mark should be able to stand alone without any logotype or text and also work in combination with brand claims or other text. For that I created the symbol mark with some fixed rules. 

The name „Chiba Sunrise“ is based on the concept that Chiba is one of the very first parts of the world, that see the sunrise of a new day (especially important on New Years Eve). The sunrise as a natural event is a positve and powerful metaphor in every culture. It stands for hope, a new beginning, and positive events. The simple use of the word »Chiba« connects to the region itself and thus is quite important. The appearance of the logotype should imply a humanistic, calligraphic touch and must be easily legible for both International and Japanese (or other Asian) customers, no matter if they are very familiar with the variations of roman letters or not. It should as well match the technical restrictions of the signet and keep a worthy feeling – not too cheap handwritten.

Prototype Packshots


Individual Project