A Short-Film Tragedy about Fallacy and Truth

How far can you come with no money?

Unexpected circumstances at the client's side left us without any financial support just five days before the project's start. But instead of cancelling the whole project we decided to make it our own thing!

Since we didn‘t want it to hinder our process, we simply decided to get as many things done for free and to collect money from all project members in order to create a small budget for the basic and important (third party) things like the catering for our professional actors.


Production Management Tools



We set up specialized departments by looking for existing competences in our team. If someone already had experience in storyline writing, shooting, audio, organizing or post­production, his skills could enrich the professionalism of our short movie. Considering the individual skills and preferences, we were able to create highly efficient groups but also keep enough room for less experienced participants to grow.  Our script department immediately started to write the screenplay and the casting team already set up their public search for actors.

In total, we shot two days in three different locations. During the two days every team member gave a terrific performance from the early morning to the late evening. We would really like to thank our actors for their hard work as well as our composer, Maximilian K. Unuetzer, who created an unique score solely for our movie. They all transferred a great dose of professionalism upon us and encouraged us even more, to give our best for »ERGO«.

Together with a colleague of mine I formed the department “Production Management”, which did 95% of the organization workload and was responsible for the team-building process.

Additionally I was involved in location-scouting and had major influence on the finishing post-production (define color grading, finding the right sound effects, etc.). I also created the movie poster (DIN A2, 4C) and hold the short film's public presentation.


Team Members
Anna Fitz, Daniel Miebach, Eugen Herber, Joelle Siebenaller, Matthias Kraechter, Milan Blascanin, Oliver Koeneke, Simon Meienberg, Stefan Heilmann, Stephanie Paeper, Thomas Haller

Koeln, Germany