Four you

Radical Fastfood Innovation in Taiwan
About the Project

The project Fastfood in Taiwan was an international collaboration with the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. The project's topic was to design a new and radically new way of fast food for  Taiwan as well as Germany which should be convenient but healthy at the same time.
The project was structured in two weeks practical work (one week in Taiwan, one week in Germany) with a small presentation of prototypes at the end.

Project Impressions from Taiwan

In Taiwan

The project started in Taipei. The week was used to explore Taiwanese culture through events and urban exploration and to get to know the food scene and local industries. The second half of the first week was marked by early drafts and fast prototypes of our idea for a fast food innovation – a new way of solid food blocks, consisting of healthy, vegetarian and organic ingredients to eat with one hand and in one bite. We also had a small radio interview with a Taipei radio station about the project and the overall meaning of Design in the world. We ended with a roadmap for the second week in Germany, in which we would have access to an industrial level kitchen.

Project Impressions from Germany

In Germany

In Germany we started the week with some cultural events for our Taiwanese friends to introduce them to German cuisine and the local German food industries. At the same time we tried to produce our prototypes from Taiwan in real world circumstances in a industrial level kitchen. After early failures we decided to keep our conceptual background but changed the execution, which lead to the final idea of Four you – a new and surprising way to enjoy healthy, functional food products in a convenient way and without producing any trash.

Product Prototypes


Team Members
Burak Kube
Chuan Chang
Kai-Ping Liu
Leonie Ostermann
Yen-Ya Yu
Yi-Chun Kang
Manuel Kniepe

Supervised by
Prof. Tingy S. Lin
Prof. Wolfgang Laubersheimer

NTUST Taiwan
Koeln International School of Design

Kai-Ping Liu

Manuel Kniepe
(Pictures 7-10: Kai-Ping Liu)