Fridges of Ehrenfeld

A freezing cold Portrait about locals in Cologne

In the context of the project “Ehrenfeld” I created a photographic portrait of this eclectic and exciting district of Cologne. Nevertheless I decided not to show people or buildings. Instead I came up with the idea, that already a glimpse in different fridges might probably be enough to get an intense impression of the character and versatility of Ehrenfeld and it’s inhabitants.
So I grabbed my camera and a tripod and rang the bells of random Ehrenfeld local citizens to take pictures of their coldest insides.

My work resulted in an unique and excitingp photographic portrait, that grants room for interpretation, witty anecdotes and subjective emotions.

The book cover is made from magnetic white board foil, on which the title is attached with a common fridge-magnet. The whole picture-book shows 20 different fridges in Ehrenfeld and some information about them. If you’re interested in a copy, feel free to message me.

The Fridges Book

The cover is actually magnetic.
Ehrenfelder Fridges


Individual Project

Supervised by
Prof. Elmar Sander

ecosign/Akademie fuer Gestaltung

Manuel Kniepe