Nothing remains

Transferring the ancient Aesthetics of Japanese wabi-sabi into contemporary Photography

The inclusion of the East Asian aesthetic of wabi sabi in Western digital photography. 
This scientific treatise and its accompanying photographic series is the main topic of my intermediate examination project at KISD, Cologne. The work starts with an deep analysis of the nature of wabi-sabi and then examines its semiotic attributes.
The second part deals with how to read photographs, ways to give meaning to a photography and what is needed to create a visual, photographic language.
Finally the ancient semiotic attributes of wabi-sabi are transformed into a specific visual rhetoric for western digital photography.
The shown photographs are possible interpretations of this special eastern wabi-sabi code for western photography.

Photographic Samples


Individual Project
Intermediate Examination

Supervised by
Prof. Andreas Wrede

Koeln International School of Design

Manuel Kniepe