NSA — Non Surveillance Apparatus

Three Days DIY Human/Artifact Interface Project

With the "NSA" (Non Surveillance Apparatus) device we reconquest the privacy in public space and deal with the interface between human and artifact. Recent discussions about digital security were the cause for its development. Analogue tube connections create several closed dialogue spaces, which can't be secretly monitored, spied on or archived. Due to the tube's chaotic arrangement, the installment of splitters and fake connections an optical tracking of the dialogue paths is also prevented.

For the installation we focused on making the conversation inaudible as well as the mouth movement invisible for the external observer.

The hardware for creating the machine was limited to objects which can be bought in 1€-shops, cheapest materials from DIY markets or found objects in the immediate surrounding of the project space.

Concept Drafts

Acquire, Create & Test

Set-Up Process

Final Impressions


Team Members
Pola Schuster
Kosma Korczynski
Manuel Kniepe

Supervised by
Prof. Andreas Muxel

Koeln International School of Design

Manuel Kniepe