SONY as a Host - a Service Design Project

The project Omotenashi - Sony as a Host for the Japanese design headquarter of SONY Electronics was a one month Service Design Sprint in Tokyo. The task: Create and pitch a very Japanese, "omotenashi-oriented" customer experience and to deepen the bond between SONY and their customers.

The first week was designated to cultural research for the German students, which included city trips, museums, exhibition centers and food experiences. Since I was living in Japan for almost one year at that time I was given the role as "cultural guide" for the freshly arrived German colleagues.

The second week was the ideation week, in which several international teams were formed to work on particular sub topics. We got invited by SONY to their Innovation Headquarters in Tokyo and were able to learn more about the company.

The third week was all about protyping during which we created several prototypes from paper, small and big, but also found other ways to express our ideas such as roleplays or photo stories. Eventually we tested and vaildated some of the selected prototypes in the fourth week with Japanese customers on the street as well as invited ones in the lab.

In the end we had the chance to pitch our protoypes to the official SONY design committee and their feedback granted us great success.

During the Workshop

From the Presentation


Project Team
Chiaki Matsunami
Kim YungChul
Suzuki Yutaro
Yumeno Terashima
Maria Belen Buckenmeyer
Raoul Leon Doering
Manuel Kniepe