Service Design and Design Thinking in China

A cultural Research Project in China

The research project »Service Design and Design Thinking in China« explores the impact of different cultural values on human communication and behavioral processes and their relevance in Design Thinking and Service Design, with the example of China.
How is culture, conceived as a group-specific social orientation system influencing involved actors and therefore the design process?
Which intercultural adaptations might be necessary and how do western professionals need to prepare themselves to work in China? 

A Glimpse into the Research Report


For one month I lived with locals in Shanghai, researched their culture in the field and conducted expert interviews with several local and international professionals from Service Design and Design Thinking businesses and academia.

Cheat Sheets

The Project's Outcomes

1 a research report consisting of 178 fully designed pages, which covers the whole research, expert interviews and deep cultural knowledge to provide in-depth insights into the project.

2 a 119 pages photographic journal of Shanghai as a collection of captured artifacts, people and moments that tickled my sense for difference and seemed to be of particularly cultural value.

3 a collection of quick and dirty »cheat sheets« for professionals working in China.


My scientific theoretical groundwork about the general effects of different cultures in Service Design environments is available on Amazon, have a look at it.
From the photographic Research Journal


Individual Project

Shanghai, China
Nanjing, China
Koeln, Germany