An educational Card Game about Fonts

The knowledge about the conventional classification of fonts (in germany known as »DIN 16518«) is still important for apprenticeships and studies in design and media. But this conventional classification is more and more criticized for it’s historical heritage without accommodating itself to the current evolution of fonts. Almost every new font has to be assigned to the quickly growing groups VI or VII. Although there are more and more expert groups, that call for a revision of DIN 16518, it was and currently is the only official standardisation of font classification in Germany and so this element get’s the most important element in the game. Nevertheless, especially the cards with newer fonts show clearly, that a classification based on form and style – most important for mixing fonts – makes more sense than reducing one font on it’s historical origin. The most known style-based classification of fonts comes from Hans Peter Willberg and forms the second element of the game.

The card game »TRIFONT« is not only a learning game, that covers the classification by DIN 16518 and Willberg. It’s more an entertaining game with elements of luck and tactics, that can and shall be enjoyed by font-experts as well as ordinary persons. Gamers, that are familiar with fonts, the DIN-standardisation and Willberg will have much fun with the game and especially persons, that only knew the DIN-standardisation and never heard of Willberg will mostly benefit from the game’s mechanics.

Also it can be very interesting to take a closer look to the single letters and discover the big and small differences in one group. Usually we don’t take that much time for exploring our fonts while reading normal texts. Last but not least this game is the (font-based) clarification of the necessary denial of traditions in the purpose of adapting to current needs. If you’re interested in purchasing the game, please contact me via e-mail.

Game Impressions


Individual Project

Supervised by
Prof. Uwe Boden

ecosign/Akademie fuer Gestaltung

Manuel Kniepe